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Certified Nursing Assistant Course

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Start a New Career in the Medical Field with the  (Certified Nurse Assistant) Training Program.  


Imagine a job that rewards you for caring about others, is exciting and challenging, a job where you make a difference. Whether you’re just starting your career or ready for a change, now is the time to consider becoming a Nurse Assistant. 

Take the first step toward a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and apply for next semester!

For a multi-student registrations, click to Complete a Course Enrollment Roster form.  

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COVID-19 Testing

Based on the World Pandemic, for the safety of our staff all student MUST be submit a negative test result.

See our COVID Health & Safety Policy.


Based on Florida pursuant to s. 400.215 or s. 408.809.  All must successfully pass the required background screening within 90 days of taking the certified nursing assistants test.

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