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About Our Leadership


Ms. Davis being spiritually lead started Faces of Youth ©  in 2010, a youth program focusing on the arts. Teaming with Frederick Hayes liturgic dance instructor, she wrote and produced original music videos.  The lyrics were written by a group of teens who successfully passed the auditions and meet community volunteer requirements.  After many months of hard work and after a well-attended premier, the teens felt an accomplishment and was very proud of themselves.  


Ms. Davis came to the realization that value is a birth comes 

In 2015 she founded Family and Community Empowerment Services and later changed the name to Family and Community Enrichment Services. 

Ms. Sqwrcene Davis is the CEO and Founder Executive Director of Family and Community Enrichment Services, Inc. (FACES), a provider of Life changing services for families and individuals in the metropolitan Tallahassee. 


Ms. Davis’ career began in the IT industry in 1986 and spanned 30+ years.  Throughout her career, she worked with several non-profits in a technological capacity and observed organizational disparities in their traditional service provisions. Ms. Davis noticed that there were families receiving the same services for years and were no better financial, emotionally, socially then the previous years, in spite of the services.  She thought there has to be a better way.

Ms. Davis started to work with under-privileged youth in music video productions.  As a Computer Lab Director in a nonprofit organization, teenagers would frequent the computer lab after school and watch "girl-fights" or inappropriate music videos.  Many of these students were failing or had disciplinary issues in school. 


Arriya Davis - Deputy Director

Denise Konate - Program Director

Ali Konate - Tech

Roger Newsome - Technology Specialist

Sira Konate - Technology Intern

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