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Does everyone Need to Attend College?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

One-quarter of college grads are in jobs that don’t require a degree. And of the 30 jobs projected to grow the fastest in the next decade, only 7 require a standard 4-year degree.

  • College degrees are becoming more and more expensive.

  • Less high school students are attending college after high school.

  • College dropout rates have studiedly increase over the past 5 years.

So, do you need to go to college? I believe that there are careers that are definitely conducive with getting a university degree, such as physicians, scientist. However, if that is not your career goals, I have listed 5 other option to attend a 4-year institution.


  1. Start A Business

  2. Become a Freelance Consultant.

  3. Go to A Community College

  4. Enroll in A Certificate of Certification Program. 

  5. Join the Military.

Employees with certificates in computer/information services earn  $56,664  to $72,498 per year, which is more than 70% percent of employees with an  associate degree and 54% of employees with bachelor’s degrees. 

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